Thursday, January 26, 2006

Cuadros -Susan Dorf-

Susan Dorf
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Cuadro de Susan Dorf

Susan Dorf
She has been making, teaching and exhibiting art on the Monterey Peninsula and Santa Cruz for over 20 years. She began painting landscapes around three years ago when she felt the need to get out of the isolation of the studio. After meeting several other artists who felt the same way, they began to paint together and share their experience. She has participated in The Carmel Arts Fesrival and the Santa Cruz Museum of Art’s Plein Aire Affaire. She also exhibited and helped curate an exhibit of local plein aire paintings called “Outside Insights” at the Pajaro Arts Center with her painting group, the Alla Prima Donnas. She paints in oils on wood and canvas, and enjoys all outdoor subject matter from urban scenes to beach and landscapes. "I love the spontaneity of working on location and painting directly from life. I enjoy the delicious experience of pushing paint around, experimenting with different color combinations and subject matter, of observing the way light and temperature moves and changes throughout the day. It is my hope that my paintings invite the viewer into an experience that transcends the immediate imagery, so that the process of viewing the work may evoke the same wondrous quality and enjoyment of it’s creation."Susan’s work can be seen locally at Many Hands Gallery in Capitola, at the Santa Cruz Open Studios tour in October, and on her website.
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