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Cuadros -Adolphe-Felix Cals-

Portrait de Marie, fille de l'artiste

Cuadro de Adolphe-Felix Cals

Adolphe-Felix Cals,(1810-1880)
He entered the Ecole des Beaux -Arts in the late 1850’s. Working in the atelier of Leon Cogniet, Cal’s studied the masters. Independent of mind though, he quickly developed his own style and subject matter.
1835 was the first year that the young Cals entered the competitive Paris Salon and three works were submitted and accepted. His success with the jurors continued through 1870 as he exhibited regularly there during this time. In his later years, however, occasionally works were rejected however because of their Realist themes. This lead him to participate in an exciting new venture which many outstanding artists created which was the Salon des Refuses. Cals decision to exhibit with the Impressionists in 1874 (and 1876,1877,1879) very much excluded him from the possibility of ever being accepted into the Salon again, a move that characterizes his ability to follow his own heart.
Specifically in regard to Best of Friends, (dated 1856) the art historian Gabriel Weisberg has written that the 1850’s was a time that Cals completed many works of family life. He suggests that this was inspired by an appreciation of the artist Chardin and that it was also a time "when the Realist were studying the ramifications of childhood as part of their widespread appreciation of family life."

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