Friday, February 24, 2006

Cuadros -Nicolai Chistiakov-


Cuadro de Nicolai Chistiakov

Nicolai Chistiakov
He born in Minsk, Belarus. Nicolai raised in middle class family in outskirts of Minsk - than capital of BSSR, western state of Soviet Union, small country lost somewhere in between Poland and Russia. ( later in 90-es it became independent country - Belarus).
Nicolai got in art school courtesy of an art teacher who found his drawing to be outstanding from that other children used to do in that age.
In 2000 Nicolai was accepted to the Belarussian State Academy of the Arts. Most notable action there was second year then they were spending every evening hour drawing and painting different models, often girls found on the street just across academy, for almost two years. this, and great books of Velasquez, Vermeer and Impressionists, Tashen, by the way, made the most influence on his early developpement.
Also his muse, Dasha may be found behind the most of sucessful beginnings.
In 2003 his father got opportunity to move in US, all family moved to Brooklyn. In New York he was overhelmed by large number of galleries, museums and diversity of art shown. After spending several months working on construction and later in commercial advertising (signmaking company), Nicolai was able to establish enough connections to return to his normal state- painting 6-7 day week.
In current work he is exploring connections between contemporary and eternity, reality and illusion, creating multi-layered canvases with complicated meanings about human and his place in the world.

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